Over my 20 years of combined East-West medical experience as both an acupuncturist and RN, I've developed a confident grasp in treating three primary patient presentations: pain, stress-related illnesses, and women's health

Pain can be a function of acute injuries or exacerbations of chronic/ongoing injuries seen in our shoulders, knees, backs, necks, etc. Global pain presentations such as fibromyalgia are also commonly present. All can respond beautifully to acupuncture. Besides targeting the actual muscle/tendon/joint injury site directly, acupuncture appears to interrupt the pain feedback loops in our nervous system that simply get caught in the "on" position.  I work alongside a patient's western diagnosis to offer a holistic approach that can bring about optimal pain management and improved overall well being.

Stress-related illnesses can appear as pain presentations, but also appear as common ailments such as headaches/migraines, insomnia, anxiety presentations, skin exacerbations (rashes or hives), digestive ailments (reflux or irritable bowel syndrome) or irritable bladder/cystitis. Stress related illnesses are generally a result of extensive cortisol releases over time that begin to breakdown our innate coping ability and result in such presenting illnesses. In short, we get stressed and our body remains on high alert. Acupuncture has a stellar affect at decreasing the effects of elevated stress within the body. I confidently tell patients if this type of treatment is going to work for you, you will know after the first treatment because you will simply see how much better you are feeling.

Women's health presentations are my specialty after working exclusively in this area during my first five years of practice. Infertility, gynecological presentations, and menopausal symptoms respond with lovely success to acupuncture. It's a true pleasure to support women in achieving pregnancy and promoting optimal gynecological health across their life span.