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Acupuncture Tools

Discounts, Packaging, Insurance, & Policies

At Fox and Hare, we strive to offer a variety of affordable

options for those seeking outstanding self-care!


Our follow-up acupuncture sessions include discounts for Seniors,

Teachers, Peri-natal clients, and Healthcare Providers.

Packaging offers discounts on both 3 session ( for $265.00) or

5 session acupuncture packages (for $400.00) following an Introductory session. The majority of our clients opt for packaging

and find it to be a great way to get self-care affordably

and consistently. And, our packages never expire!

(Packages are non-refundable).


We have a robust practice here and Fox and Hare and decided early on not to work with Insurance. Unfortunately, we don't find reimbursement to be worth the effort to bring this option to Fox and Hare. We highly recommend, if you are looking for such a provider, check out the many talented professionals locally within the acupuncture community

as some do work with insurance.

Cancellations always require 24 hour notice outside of a true emergency. Any missed sessions are charged at the full amount

of the session scheduled. 

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