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Welcome to Fertility & Pregnancy Support at Fox and Hare!

My deepest calling as an acupuncturist is supporting women through their fertility journeys, formed from my own experiences with infertility and a desire to improve outcomes for women across a wide variety of presentations. Acupuncture works beautifully to support our fertility & pregnancy wellness. As deeply "receiving" modality, acupuncture offers the following:

 -Significantly supports our fertility and improves infertility outcomes while fostering our overall well being as we towards hopeful motherhood.

-When pregnant, acupuncture supports nausea, headaches, and digestive ailments which can commonly arise during the prenatal phase.

-Treatment pre-delivery serves to promote a healthy birthing experience & reduce back pain commonly seen for some patients.

-Post-delivery, acupuncture (and my classic "Mother Roast" treatment), serves to bring improve energy, support lactation (if chosen) and balance following the depletion we can so often feel in this phase.

-As we continue in our post-natal journeys, issues such as insomnia, ongoing lactation challenges, or post-partum hormonal shifts can all be improved with acupuncture treatment.

Following an Initial Session, follow-up treatment is offered at a discounted rate. Consider the gentle but powerful experience of acupuncture today to support you in all your fertility,  pre, and post natal needs! To see some our patient's experiences, check out the link to our reviews. 

 New patients to our program can book an Initial Session below:

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